Our First Week in Middletown

The past few days in our new space have consisted of unpacking boxes delivered by Fedex, a trip to Sacramento (Sac friends: I swear we were only there long enough to run a couple errands, go to Ikea……and eat at Sandwich Spot. I will be back soon to see all of you!!!), cleaning, treating the animals for fleas (UGH.), more unpacking and organizing, more flea treatments, and some much needed relaxation time with the family.

After sharing a house with roommates in Richmond (we always rented out the bottom floor bedrooms), we know how important it is for us to have our own space to decompress/relax/get work done. So, we decided to embrace the tiny life journey we are on and make our bedroom into a multifunctional living space. We set up Tish’s stand up desk and hung up our calendars/planners to keep us on schedule when we start building. We set up our new Ikea couch to give us a place for relaxing other than the bed, and I put my puzzle master skills to the test in organizing all of our stuff into the closet in our room. IMG_3045 I managed to fit everything we brought with us into the closet with the exception of our big winter comforter, a cat carrier, and about 2/3 of my backpacking equipment (all of which will be stored in my parents’ garage). It was good to see the amount of storage space we’ll need to account for in the tiny. I am now thinking about raising the floor in the middle section so that I can use floor “hatches” to store my backpacking gear and the extra comforter that we will only need for half the year. Or, perhaps, we will just decide to downsize our belongings even more than we already have and not need the extra storage at all. IMG_3012


The animals seem to be enjoying their new setting; Jack and Tre both love chilling in the backyard all day and Ani loves getting to go on walks in a new place. Our favorite thing about this area is that there is a lake 5 min away so we can take Ani swimming every day; this is especially awesome because the “cool streak” we were having when we first got into town seems to be over and the temps will be in the triple digits soon. The only downer we have had since getting here is that all three animals seemed to have gotten fleas, and after the treatments we gave to each, they are all still itching. Poor Ani seems to have it the worst and can’t get any relief. We have tried several different things: some medicated spray our vet gave us for her (she gets allergies often and gets hot spots), a baking soda bath, apple cider vinegar/water spray, oatmeal and aloe shampoo, and finally moisturizing conditioner that is supposed to help moisturize her skin and ease the itching. We did the first conditioning rinse last night and it seems like she is feeling better today, so the vet said to do one more rinse (no shampoo either time!) tonight and see if it gives her even more relief. In the meantime, we will keep her happy at the lake!IMG_3035

Time with the family has been great too….my “little” brother, Reid, came up for a couple days. I hadn’t seen him since his birthday celebration in NoLa last November, and hadn’t seen my parents since they were out to visit us in VA last August. I have really enjoyed spending quality time with all of them, telling stories and chatting about our days without the pressure of packing a bunch of stuff all into a couple days since Tish and I will be staying here for awhile. They all seem to love Ani and Tre (and Jack, when she is around). As usual, they’re providing endless entertainment for everyone.IMG_2997

Yesterday, Tish and I went to the farmer’s market in Kelseyville hoping to find some quality produce and free range eggs. They did have some good produce, though not much, and there was a goat cheese stand that was excellent so we got some of that. But then on our way home from the pet store we stumbled upon a great “discovery” when we saw a farmstand sign at Frontier Farm Co. Not only is it owned and run by a former Middletown High School friend of mine, but she has a ton of amazing “pick your own” produce, a market with local products like soaps, jams, salsa and bug spray….and eggs! We were SO excited to not only find out they have such a wonderful selection, but also that they are open 4 days a week. We will be frequenting Kecia’s market at least once a week for our grocery shopping needs. Kecia also shared with us that she built her own “tiny” house on the land in 8 months and then developed the land into the garden/farm she has now. Her story was really inspiring and got us very excited about our upcoming build and switch to a more simple life. Thanks so much, Kecia, for sharing with us!! If anyone is ever in the Middletown area, definitely make sure to check out her store and farm on Hwy 29 just outside of Hidden Valley.


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