40+ hours later and we have a house! (well, kinda)

I am finally done designing our tiny house on sketchup!! Yes, we counted the hours, or I should say we attempted to count them and stopped when we got to 40…sketchup is a tricky little bugger and I have developed a love/hate relationship with it. Mostly love, until I try zooming out and get stuck in the middle of a wall or piece of furniture and feel like I’m lost in purgatory for what feels like an eternity.

But before I get to that, I must also list our other accomplishments we have made to date: our trailer is ordered and will be delivered from Utah on September 15th! We made the decision on windows and have the quote in hand, now we just need to wait for another 15% off sale at Home Depot before we put in the order. We met with my longtime friend who is letting us put our build site on his land…which not only has a barn with (free!!) electricity, but also has a pool that we can cool off in when these 100 degree days start torturing us AND a real bathroom we can use. Also, most importantly, Ani can come with us to build!! With all of this in place, I was able to turn my attention to sketchup and make sure we knew what the heck we would be building on this newly purchased trailer.

So…here she is! Our 28 ft long x 8.5 ft wide soon-to-be-real new home!! This looks quite a bit different than the original design we were going to use, but we love it so much. When I started this process the first thing I did was made a rough layout in excel and made each cell represent one square foot. This helped me place appliances and windows and gave me my first look at what would and wouldn’t fit/work in the house. We bought Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s hOMe plans, which came with the sketchup file of their fully built tiny house, so I already had dimensions of the house “shell” to start. While we love their design, as with all tiny houses they are built specifically for the people who inhabit them, so we needed to make a few tweaks….one of which was adding an office. Fortunately, I ran across pictures of a finished house on the Tiny House People Facebook group that had a perfect office/bathroom layout that would work in the space we have. Or so I thought.

After the initial excel layout, I showed it to Tish and we mentally “walked” through the space. Right away we realized we couldn’t have a galley kitchen the way I had laid out; the kitchen cabinets might be fine to go over the wheel well, but the stove/oven would not! This meant another re-working of the layout in excel so that it made sense. When it worked in two dimensions, I decided to take the time to learn sketchup so that we were positive our layout would work in 3D. It didn’t, of course. The section of raised floor went too far into the kitchen, but making it smaller meant the breakfast nook table we wanted wouldn’t fit. The windows in the loft were too long for the size header we would be able fit. Something that I can’t even remember at this point was wrong with the office/bathroom space and had to be completely redone. But, we talked through each issue and found a solution relatively quickly….although I will admit the raised floor/breakfast nook/wheel well thing kept me up for at least one night. Without further ado, after converting way too many fractions and measuring “fake” ikea furniture in the sketchup warehouse far too many times, here is what our tiny house will (hopefully) look like when we are all done! Leave a comment and let us know what you think (or if you see something we overlooked and need to change 🙂 )





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  1. Your mom posted your blog on her f/b and you are the second person I know doing a tiny house. The other person who has done this was many years ago and converted a school bus , so a pioneer of what was to come. How exciting! I’ve found this endeavor interesting and have watched on tv many episodes, and have one question are you using wood or metal framing

    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for checking out our blog! We will be using wood framing, it is more cost effective and forgiving of mistakes 🙂

  2. Hi Erika and Tish!
    It looks SO beautiful, and so close to REALLY HAPPENING! I can’t imagine how fun/exhausting this has been. We absolutely love it. Very happy and proud of you guys!
    We’ve had a few setbacks, but do still plan to follow someday! This month we get to replace the foundation of our enormous barn. It’s always something on this farm, but when it’s sturdy and done it will be a great build site for our hOMe!
    We look forward to upcoming episodes! Be safe and
    Love to you both,
    Kelli and Robert

    1. Thanks Kelli!! I hope you and Robert are doing well…it is certainly a long and tiring, but exciting, journey! Good luck with the foundation replacement, I hope it goes smoothly and you soon find yourselves with the time to focus on something more fun 😉 Thanks for checking out the blog and for your support!!! Much love to you and Robert <3

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