Bathroom walls are in!

Our walls are painted and most of the trim is on! We hired that part out, so not much to say about it except that we love the way it looks so far! The past two days have been spent on the bathroom walls. I was able to put together the Ikea vanity back in December, giving me something to work off of when deciding how big the wall needed to be. Originally we weren’t going to put in a bathroom sink/vanity to save space in the bathroom. Afterall, we could just walk 2 steps out into the kitchen and use the sink there. However, after some back and forth, we decided to include a sink in the bathroom. So, I needed to figure out where to put it!

I wanted the vanity nestled into its own little alcove, hopefully taking up as little space as possible. Fortunately, Ikea has the perfect solution for small fixtures! We got the Hagaviken sink and Godmorgon cabinet, not realizing that the cabinet is designed to be hung on a wall. Because our bathroom walls were really just “partitions” made of 3/4″ plywood, I had to figure something else out. The solution: a small box/platform that will be used for storage and raises the sink/cabinet off the ground to the appropriate height. I put the plumbing under the platform to help manage the pex lines, although I might need to do something different because there’s a lot of tension on the lines and I’m not sure if that is ok. I stuck a 2×4 in between the “legs” of the platform and attached it to the floor, this gave the platform more stability and anchored it to the floor while providing a bottom nailing surface for the wall that would come later.

Next, I cut the 3/4″ plywood to size, making sure to cut the little nooks and notches out for the loft beams/ledgers and quarter round trim (which in hindsight shouldn’t have gone on until the wall was up — oh well, I’ll just add more trim to hid it!).




The result is a fun little vanity alcove which I think we’ll paint in a bright accent color. For now it is primed, I’ll paint the backs of the walls (the side that you’ll see from the main part of the house) white and leave the rest primed until we know what we’re going to do in the bathroom. I’ll be tackling the stairs next!



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