Day 1 of our Cross-Country Move

Today was our closing date, and our planned day to leave Virginia and head west to California. We set off at 1:30, only 30 minutes after our goal time when we woke up this morning…..and we made it to Lexington. No, not Kentucky. Virginia. We made it 140 miles. Before you start to judge, let me just say in our defense we were thrown quite the curve ball and ended up recovering pretty well, considering!

Much like our entire experience of selling the house, today can be chalked up to Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong, it will. After a wonderful (kind of impromptu) send off last night with some great friends in Richmond, we woke up early this morning on an air mattress surprisingly upbeat and ready to tackle the rest of our packing and then get on the road with our little family.IMG_2560 After a productive morning of finishing up packing the last of our boxes we left for Fedex knowing we would have one more trip to Fedex to mail one final box, and then the rest of our stuff would be loaded on top of our Honda Fit (the inside was reserved for our dog and two cats)…it was 10:00 a.m. we were right on schedule. Much to our surprise, when we got back from Fedex the buyer was there with her real estate agent, her boyfriend, her attorney (who was doing the closing), a couple of trucks full of her furniture, and the cleaning lady was on her way. Apparently, our real estate agent had failed to tell us that we needed to be out of the house by 10 a.m. when the closing was scheduled. Thankfully everyone realized we had been ill-informed and gave us the space, and more importantly the time, to pack up the rest of our things, run one more box to Fedex and then pack our car for the trip across….albeit with more stress and pressure to do so as quickly as possible.

Puzzle Master masterpiece!

Our biggest stressors all along have been the toll this move – and drive – would take on our two cats; one of which (Tre) is fairly mellow but young and inexperienced with change, the other (Jack) is older, very anxious and basically feral except when she allows you to love her. We weren’t worried too much about our dog, Ani, because she is used to car rides and is usually happy to go on any adventure we take her on! As expected, Jack bolted outside as soon as she got an opportunity, but must have sensed that we were leaving the house for good because she stuck around and even let me pick her up in the front yard to put her in her travel crate…..though, the poor thing peed on me the entire walk back to the house because she was so nervous. After changing and cleaning up, I started playing Tetris with the stuff we had to fit in the roof “bag” and inside the car, making sure to announce at least once every 5 minutes that I was the PUZZLE MASTER, lest Tish forget between trips carrying stuff from the house. IMG_2570As Tish continued bringing more and more stuff out of the house, I realized all crevices and cracks inside the car would have to be used to store stuff until we could get somewhere to reorganize without being under the gaze of a new homeowner (rightfully) ready to begin moving in.

IMG_2578So, with all of that said, the drive actually went pretty well today! The cats were both pretty nervous at different times throughout the “long” 3 hours on the road, but eventually laid down and relaxed. Right now everyone is relaxed and sleeping in the hotel room, let’s hope every night is this easy! We shall see how tomorrow goes….we have decided to go about 6.5 hours to Louisville, KY to give them another day to acclimatize to chaos in hopes that the rest of the trip we can continue to drive further each day and make it to Middletown within the year.

Totals thus far:

Sold/gave away: all furniture except one desk

Boxes shipped: 7

Total weight shipped: 521.8 lbs

Loaded in our car: 2 cats, 2 small dog kennels (1 for each cat), 1 dog, 1 dog bed, clothes for the assumed 5 day trip, toiletries needed, cooler with all snacks and most dinners for the trip, backpacking stove and cookware to make dinner in hotel rooms, 2 book bags with lap tops, etc,  food for animals, 1 plastic tub of our “favorite” books and important files, 2 daypacks full of day hike gear in case we get the chance to hike in Denver, 4 hiking poles, two suit cases full of some of the above and also random things like bike helmets, water bottles, coffee french press and coffee mugs (only the essentials, of course!), lots of CDs, and iPad full of audiobooks, 1 bike, 1 surfboard.

Total miles traveled today: 139.1

Total hours in car: 3 hours

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  1. Do you know when you will be in Denver? Would love to see you girls! I hope you have a blast on your trip and the animals settle down soon. Take care and drive safe. Much love, Amy xx

    1. I’ll text you when we get closer, it is a little hard to tell now considering we only made it 3 hours on the road yesterday haha. We really hope we can meet up though!!

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