Day 2: Lexington, VA to Louisville, KY

Emerging sleepily

Today was day number two on the road, and the first day of our new morning routine. Since we packed everything in a roof bag, without a secure way to lock it, every night when we get to the hotel we have to transfer everything from the roof either to our room or into the car…and then in the morning we have to put it all back. Today was the first time doing this without being stressed out about it, and it took quite awhile to get it right! I am hoping this little routine only gets more efficient the further into the drive we get.

Our first night in a hotel room went pretty well, the cats slept quite a bit, Ani passed out as usual and Tish and I got a decent night of sleep. We woke up and loaded everything and everyone into the car. Getting Ani and Jack loaded up was fairly easy, but I had to improvise a way to get past the hotel’s “two pet limit” by stowing Tre away in his cat scratch cave thing during his transport to the car. It worked surprisingly well, so well in fact that I used it again to get him from the car to the hotel tonight. Only further proof of my puzzle mastery…or perhaps my lack of parenting skills. hmmm…..either way, he looked adorable doing it!IMG_2620

Today’s drive went much smoother than yesterday, the kids (yes, we are those kind of pet owners) all seemed a lot more calm which was a relief because we were on the road a lot longer today. We left just after 9 a.m. this morning with our sites set on Louisville, KY. This was SUPPOSED to take 6 hrs and 24 mins according to the Google Map gods. However, we managed to stretch it out for nearly 9 hours. I hope this is not an indication of how the rest of the drive will go! We had fun taking pictures of our state-line milestones, today’s included West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana (we are staying just outside the Louisville metro area, so technically we made it through 3 states today!).

IMG_2623 IMG_2624

It began raining near the WV/KY border and continued for awhile into Kentucky. Sadly, just before the KY border was also when I started getting hangry and decided to make a tuna and avo sandwich. As you can imagine, making such a meal in a moving car with your seat so far forward your knees are against the glove box is a little tricky…and attempting this tasty feat while on a windy mountain road is just asking for disaster. Just before we crossed the border into KY, my plate slid across the dashboard and into my lap. Tish was too busy taking a picture of my sandwich sadness to slow down for a shot of the “Welcome to Kentucky” sign, so with mustard all over me I attempted but was too slow and too messy to get one better than this:

IMG_2625IMG_2618IMG_2608Other than the sandwich disaster and the litter box sliding around and getting litter all over Ani and the car (gross), there were no other catastrophes on our second day of living out of our car. Sadly, when we got settled in the hotel tonight and began planning out tomorrow’s drive and hotel stay we got a bit disheartened in seeing how close we still are to Virginia and how far we are from California. But, never fear! We quickly reminded each other that this has been, and will continue to be, an amazing and unpredictable adventure! That said, please pass the wine.

Totals for today:

Cups of coffee consumed: 4 and 1 awful decision to try a Starbucks Double Shot from the gas station

Gas fill-ups: 2

States driven in: 4!

Total miles traveled today: 431

Total hours in car: 8 hours 40 min

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