Day 3: Clarksville, IN to Kansas City, MO

Ahh…Middle ‘Merica. No other place like it…..

Today was our longest, and (no offense intended!) most boring thus far. All of our excitement happened early, before we even left the hotel room this morning when Tish strongly encouraged me to do a “short” morning workout with her and then we spent approximately 38 minutes trying to get Jack out from her hiding place under the bed. The workout was surprisingly rejuvenating, and we felt accomplished after flipping the bed up on its side to uncover our difficult middle child. Today was going to be great! Once the car was loaded and Jack was safely in her crate, we set off ready for another long day of nothing but dotted white lines. We passed through a bit more of Indiana, continued on through Illinois and then crossed the entire great state of Missouri.

IMG_2634        IMG_2642

Coincidentally (I guess?) we are staying in a hotel right near the town my good friends from Sacramento lived for a short stint. After typing that I realize it isn’t that much of a coincidence, but I feel that it is relevant to include anyways. I suppose my point was that the only time I’ve visited the midwest was to see them, and stay at their house, in Liberty, MO which is just outside of Kansas City, MO (no, not Kansas) and that just so happens to be where we planned our stopover tonight! I think it’s becoming obvious that I spent too much time in a car today…

Ani covered up so she didn’t get rained on

Strictly speaking, we spent less time on the road today than we did yesterday. About 8 hours total. However, the big difference was yesterday we were able to stop along the way and walk around and stretch our legs, we could take Ani out and jog around a little, not feeling trapped in our Honda. But today it poured ALL day, and walking around in the pouring rain when you’re not properly dressed for it isn’t very appealing. Not only did we not get out and walk much more than to the occasional walk to the gas station bathroom, but it was raining so hard and for so long that water started coming into the car along the roof bag tie down straps. Needless to say, we were ready to be done long before Kansas City, but managed to push through DESPITE the fact that apparently Middle America doesn’t care much for coffee. I have no idea what folks around here run on, but damn if we couldn’t find ONE Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts off the freeway to save our lives (or our moods).

We didn’t find much to take photos of today, what with all the ads for guns, Jesus, and XXX “Man Spas” all drenched in a relentless rainstorm to boot! We decided to just sit back, listen to our audiobook and do what we could to will ourselves to make our Kansas City goal.



Totals for today:

Cups of coffee consumed: ONE, at the hotel before got on the road

Pushups Tish made me do before leaving: 30

States conquered: 3

Times we each thought about finding the closest hotel and calling it quits: ………..

Number of audiobook chapters we got through: 8

Total hours in car: 8 hours

Total miles driven today: 495


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