Day 4: Kansas City, MO to DENVER!!!

Ritual morning rubs
Ritual morning rubs

We are so freaking happy — we have been planning trips to Denver for months and for one reason or another were never able to make it happen. BUT, we decided to take this opportunity to not just make it happen but take full advantage of having our little family here and making it fun for them (okay, mostly Ani) too! Today was a LONG day, but the last 2 hours that we pushed through were so worth it to stay here!

This morning we woke up after a restless night of sleep, did our morning routine of coffee, walking Ani, giving Tre some love and checking the litter box to see if Jack finally went to the bathroom. She did!! We knew this would be a great day. Luckily it wasn’t raining when we set off to pack up the car, and it stayed dry the entire day. After flipping over the bed to get Jack out of her new favorite spot, we began our journey to Denver, stopping to grab coffee and salads for lunch at this awesome little natural foods store half a mile away.

Terra was a blessing
Terra was a blessing

Thank goodness we did!! Not only was it the perfect way to make up for our basically coffee-less day yesterday (by our standards at least), but we didn’t find another place to stop for coffee until we were almost out of Kansas.

Speaking of Kansas….it is a very long state, and a very flaaaaaat state.  I thought Nebraska was bad when I made my move from California to Virginia a few years ago, but WOW! Kansas almost beats it as the hardest part of a cross country drive. Perhaps it was just the lack of coffee, and that our audiobook started getting boring once the climax came and went and the author continued to drone on for far too long. Right as our grumpiness climaxed though, we found reprieve…a Starbucks! While not huge fans of Starbucks in regular day life, seeing one after driving 400someodd miles of very flat and straight Kansas highway it was like seeing an oasis. So, we re-fueled the car and ourselves and immediately we felt motivated enough to finish out the last 200 miles to Denver.IMG_2682

We caught a couple just as happy as we were to (finally) be in CO!

Thank goodness we did! This hotel has a 40 mile bike/running trail right out of its front door, leading straight to downtown Denver. Not that I like riding bikes enough to ride there, or that I am capable of running 40 miles. But, Tish loves cycling and will absolutely use it while we are here and I am going to take Ani on a run tomorrow morning! With such an easy access to a great way to workout we have decided to stay here for the next couple nights and take our time exploring Denver, enjoying the fireworks tomorrow for the 4th, and giving us and our animals a break from the car. The cats actually seem to be settling in well already, and Ani is going to LOVE that she gets to go for a couple runs with me and a hike in the Rockies!

Post-coffee bliss
First stop, obviously

For now, we are going to reward our pushing through the drive and making it all the way to Denver tonight by indulging in some (legal) recreational activity. We stopped at Kind Love first thing, then ordered a pizza from the locals’ favorite spot and are about to settle into a movie and allow ourselves a much-deserved night of chilling…..





Totals for today:

Cups of coffee consumed: Two, but they were well-timed

States conquered: 1.5ish

Total miles driven today: 616

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