Day 6: Denver, CO to Grand Junction, CO

Yesterday (day 5, technically) we took a much needed break from the car. We woke up and had coffee, then took advantage of the trail in front of our hotel and enjoyed our first “real” workout since we left Richmond. Tish went for a bike ride and I took Ani for a run. Well, I should say I attempted to take Ani for a run, but she was far more determined to swim than I was to run in the heat so we just decided to wade in the creek along the trail after a mile or so. It was lovely! IMG_2724 2

IMG_2741Yesterday afternoon Tish and I walked around the Lower Downtown area (or LODO if you’re cool) of Denver which was completely dead because everyone was out enjoying 4th of July festivities. There as a really cool area right outside of Denver’s massive REI  with a beach and a bunch of places to swim in Cherry Creek. It was so awesome to see this in the middle of the city! Last night we relaxed with some cider and were in bed before fireworks.

FullSizeRender 2Today, we got up and decided to hit the road instead of going for a hike and staying another night in Denver. We are really ready to be settled somewhere, and I am pretty sure the animals are too. So, with coffee in hand we continued West! Going through the Rockies was amazing and also very slow. The Fit doesn’t have much power to begin with, and loaded down with all of our stuff it really struggled to get up some of the mountains. IMG_2777Semi-trucks were flying past us. But the scenery was so gorgeous we just enjoyed the slow ride and tried not to freak out on the downhill sections.IMG_2763 We weren’t sure where we would stay tonight and had a few options for stopping today depending on how we felt….since we weren’t feeling all that great we took the first option: Grand Junction. Driving by the Grand Mesa and watching all of the terrain change from the Rockies to the desert was incredible! Scenery-wise, today takes the cake hands down.IMG_2799

Tonight we are both pretty zonked, so we are ready to settle in and rest up for a longer day tomorrow. We are hoping to make it at least 9 hours so that we will be home in Middletown by Thursday evening!

IMG_2813Totals for today:

Audiobooks we started and immediately hated: 3

Times we thought we might get crushed by a runaway truck coming down the Rockies: 4

Total miles driven today: 246

Total hours in car: 6

Length of time we thought it would be fun to leave Tre out of his crate: 9 minutes

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  1. Love reading your story. You are a great writer Erika! All the best and hope the blog will continue even after you are all settled in at your final or temporary final destination ?

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