Day 7: Grand Junction, CO to Winnemucca, NV

Yes, it’s called Winnemucca! As we digressed over the many many hours we spent in the car today, we came up with several other names for it that I will not mention. Just know, we are really happy tomorrow is our last day of this road trip because judging by our junk food choices today, I imagine things will only decline from here.IMG_2829 IMG_2904

This morning started off like most of the others, we did our coffee, pack, find Jack under the bed routine and headed out. Our goal was Winnemucca, but we knew we might fade and need to stop sooner so we had a backup plan to stop in Elko, NV. Despite the desert not really beingIMG_2834 my “thing” we saw some really pretty mountain terrain on our drive today, and it made me rethink my ideas of the desert. We went through Salt Lake City and saw the lake, and the salt flats…which were pretty cool! Our moods were definitely in steep decline by the time we got to the Nevada state line, so we made an acceptation for Dunkin Donuts coffee AND donuts and it was glorious. Fortunately, the caffeine and sugar rush motivated us enough to pass Elko and continue on to Winnemucca. The animals were all really crazy once we got to the hotel, but after taking Ani for a nice walk and playing with the cats, everyone seems to be settled in for the night now. Well, except Jack, who is just staring out the window longing for the days she will be able to outside again.

Salt flats right outside of Salt Lake


Totals for today:

Total miles driven today: 634

Total hours in car: 10


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