Day 8: Winnemucca, NV to Middletown, CA

Bentley, the lost pooch

We made it!! Finally….

IMG_2930 2Our last day of driving was pretty rough, we were so very ready to be off the road and getting settled in to our new home (well, my old home) and new routine/life. We had a little hang up while loading up the car Thursday morning when Tish found a lost tiny poodle so we pressed pause on leaving to find his owner. Luckily, Bentley had a phone number on his collar, presumably because he gets out ALL of the time. After calling the number a few times and texting once the owner finally called me back and did not seem surprised at all. She came by the hotel and picked him up and we were relieved that we found his owner and didn’t have to take him to a local shelter (there was no way we could adopt another animal, and even if we wanted to there was no room in our overstuffed car!).IMG_2935 2

IMG_2951 2
California Rest Area for the win!

Once that little fiasco was taken care of, we finished loading the car for the last time, got the three annoyed kids into the backseat (all of them looking at us like ‘again?!?!”) and we were off for our last day on the road. As we left the desert and drove up into the Sierras I immediately remembered why I love this place so much. The cool mountain air and intoxicating smell of the pines felt like home and a great sense of peace washed over me. Of course, I wasn’t driving so I was able to enjoy the scenery and take it all in while Tish dealt with the crazy people all in a hurry to get to wherever they were going. Tish did get to chance to relish the beauty that is Donner Summit when we stopped at the BEST rest area we saw the entire trip…there was even a small pond that Ani was able to swim in!

After spending some time throwing sticks for Ani, we reluctantly got back in the car and continued our trek west. By 6 p.m. we were home!! It was so nice to finally stretch our legs and unload the car for the last time. We spent the rest of Thursday evening catching up with my parents and helping the animals acclimate to their new space. It is going to take some time, but hopefully everyone will feel at home here soon….

Trip Totals: 

Miles Tish Drove: 2,929

Miles I drove: 0

Dunkin Donuts pit stops: 1 (this would have been MUCH higher had there actually been Dunkin Donuts off the freeway)

Times we stopped for gas: 12

Beds Jack hid under: 3

Audiobooks finished: 2

States driven through: 11

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