Getting the Trailer Level

Today we spent a couple of hours chopping up scrap wood for blocking. We placed several pieces of 2×6 under our jack stands to get them high enough to do their job. We needed to do two things: transfer some of the weight off the tires and onto the jack stands and getting the trailer level. This was our first time using a hydraulic jack (my only experience with jacks thus far involve changing a flat tire with the jack included with the car). First thing out of the box….the jack will not “go down” at all. When lifting the trailer it will lower only as far as the trailer takes it and then it stays up, no matter what we did to try to fix it. We managed to work with it anyways and got the trailer pretty close to level. Other than the jack not working, we realized (after getting all four jack stands in place) that we weren’t going to be able to get the trailer completely level using the stands we bought. They are the common type with “teeth” that determine how tall the stand will go. This means we can only raise the trailer in 1 inch increments. Tomorrow we are going to try to use shims to get it exactly level, it doesn’t need much but it needs enough!

img_3846Lesson learned today: it is really easy to jack up one side (usually the first one you do) too high and then have to make it up on the other side, instead of lowering the first side a bit and having all corners equal. We ended up having one set of wheels off the ground and the other one still touching, even though the trailer was level. We will try again tomorrow!


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