House Projects with Before & After Photos!

Getting your house ready to sell in the middle of the semester can, apparently, be a begrudgingly tedious process. While I had research papers to write and Tish had research papers to grade, we spent a couple of weeks with our house in disarray, with a disassembled kitchen and our bedroom inhabitable for several days. But having our screen porch taken apart might have been the worst part for us because our 9 month old cat was SO upset that he couldn’t go “outside” and explore, so he followed us around all day meowing in the most pathetic way hoping we would give in and let him out anyways. Despite the mental drain that the projects took on us, once we jumped in we found we loved waking up every day to work on our house. We thought of the projects like “mini trial runs,” preparing us for our tiny house build this summer. We began to really enjoy the process and are even more excited (and confident) to start on our tiny house!

Here’s a list of the updates we did: painted entire interior (we paid painters to do this); painted exterior trim (we also paid for this to be done); painted accent walls in the living room because I am apparently terrible at choosing paint colors and the “grey” that I chose for our living room/dining area turned out to be baby blue (we painted the accent walls ourselves, mostly to avoid the embarrassment in admitting my huge mistake to the painters and asking them to re-do the walls); installed new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen; refinished kitchen cabinets; replaced faucet in kitchen sink to a fancy Delta faucet that we found at a super discounted price; painted the front and back porches; re-screened and painted interior/exterior of screen porch; restored and refinished the side deck/stairs (we had our awesome friend Tonya take on this project).

Please enjoy the before/during/after pictures below and let us know what you think!



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