It’s been awhile…

WOAH. How have four months already gone by since my last post?! Things have been moving at the speed of light over here….in the last four months we:

had a “build day party” for my birthday (Jan 29)

moved into an apartment in Portland (Feb 12)

(then, I went back to live in Middletown for a month to keep working on the house) Feb 21

installed a skylight (March 2)

Tish started pre-reqs for the clinical nutrition program she got into at the National University of Natural Medicine!


..while back in Middletown I….

installed the roof (March 3-4)

cleaned up the build site and took a huge load of material to the recycling place (March 11)

wrote a thesis (mostly played with the cat) 

installed 5 of 9 windows (March 18)

I went back to Portland to see Tish, and my brother and his girlfriend came up to stay for a few days. (March 19)

…then back to Middletown to…

finish installing the last 4 windows and the front door (April 1)

started on the rain screen (April 2)

moved (back) to Portland to finish my thesis (…but mostly hike) (April 4)

Angel’s Rest
Stub Stewart State Park

had another guest, this time all the way from Virginia! (April 21)

I flew to Richmond, VA to defend my thesis (April 25)

….and next week I will be driving back to Middletown to finish the roof and put on the siding, watch my baby brother graduate college, and hold my breath while the house is attached to the back of a truck and hauled up to Portland!!! Look at its new home!

I am so glad my mom will be making the drive back to Portland with me to squash all of the inevitable panic attacks I will have seeing the tiny go down the road.

Stay tuned for more posts detailing each step we’ve completed on the house!!

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