Moving Day!!!

Our house made it to Portland in one piece!!! Can you believe it?! I couldn’t until I saw it with my own eyes so I thought I’d share the details of this glorious day!

But first…

Prep day fun: 

Loaded all of our extra material in the house (and our couch), everything is secured and hopefully won’t move during travel

Cedar siding tucked in nicely
My impromptu door fix since we don’t have a knob to keep it closed yet
After cleaning up the site and loading the house with all of the materials, my Mom and I secured the door and the house was ready for take off!
….or so we thought
Tom, our tow guy, showed up and said the house was over legal height limits so it couldn’t be moved until we had the proper permits. He thought the legal limit was 13′ 6″, and the house with skylight stands at 14′. Sadly, he left without the house and we rescheduled the move.


To take our minds off of the house being delivered, Tish and I took a nice bike ride on the Banks-Veronia Trail Monday morning. It was a beautiful day!


….then the house showed up!!! 

Mark helping us clear the power line


Baby’s new home til she’s finished!
Now let’s get to work work work
Words can’t express how thankful I am to everyone that helped us get through the “first stage” of building in Middletown….Kevin and Kim thank you for allowing us a place to build and for being so gracious about all of the changes/delays we had! To my cousins Josh and Justin (Heather) for making my birthday build such a success. And of course to my amazing parents Joane and Charley Carpenter for welcoming us (back) into their home to live for 9ish months….and for still letting our cats live there for a bit longer 🙂
My Dad and his buddy Dan are both some of the most amazing men I know. Thank you for teaching me everything I know about building, for calming me down when I thought I’d never make it through, for having an immense amount of patience when listening to my worries and taking my directions despite my having no experience with any aspect of building, for giving me lots of laughs and sound advice while we built this beast together, and for taking this project on as if it were your own! I could have never done this without both of you, and I feel a bit lost now that you’re not here, I have a feeling everything from here on out will take much longer to complete.
Tish and I are still trying to figure out who we can wrangle in to help us in Portland, but for now it will just be us, our pup and the other awesome tiny home builders at Green Anchors!


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