Our Story

Brunch in Brussels
Brunch at Peck 47 in Brussels


Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our journey! A little about us: my name is Erika and I’m a native Northern Californian. I moved across the country in 2012 to discover a new life outside of the “box” I thought I was supposed to live. Fortunately, a few years into my East Coast adventure I met Tish, a native Virginian with a traveling soul. Tish’s out-of-the-box nature and my down-to-Earth tendancies has made for a great partnership in life. Our similar sense of adventure and love of trying something new was solidified one Saturday morning when I, an avid hiker and self-proclaimed “hater” of running went off to my half marathon training run while Tish, an avid runner and someone who said she would never hike in the woods, left to meet a group to hike in Shenandoah National Park.

Version 2
Honeymoon fun in Berlin
Both enthralled with experiencing as much of the world as we can, we have made it a life mission to make every day  memorable. Together, we love to travel, hike, and play with our precious pup Ani. Deciding to build (and live in) a tiny house seemed like a natural progression for us, not only as a fantastic journey to embark on together, but a way to maintain a minimalist life in a tangible way.

Here, you’ll find our adventures in life: both BIG and tiny. We hope you enjoy!!