Our Trailer has Arrived!!

Guess that means we better get to building!

Sunday was Tish and my one year anniversary — it’s crazy to think it’s already been a year since we eloped and then flew to Amsterdam/Berlin for our honeymoon. So much has changed since thing: we decided to build a tiny house; we updated and sold our house in Richmond; we sold my car; donated, sold or gave away any excess stuff we didn’t need/want; packed up our Honda Fit with everything we decided to keep (including our three animals) and moved across the country to my childhood home. Of course, we made sure we had a fair share of travel and outdoor adventures sprinkled in between. It’s been an incredible year, and despite the fact that our trailer was supposed to be here last Wednesday….the stars aligned and our (amazing) delivery guy wasn’t able to make it until Sunday. What a fitting way to start our second year of marriage!

So, we woke up early, met Tom at our build site and then took Ani on a long walk to the lake for a swim. Below are a few pictures from our anniversary….

But first, a little about Tom with Xpert Transport….he is WONDERFUL!! I’d recommend using him for any of your delivery needs, and so does everyone else that has left a review on his site. At first we were a little leery because we had only communicated via text, and having never done anything like this we were nervous about a guy we had never met picking up a $7,000 trailer for us. But! We put our trust in him after speaking a few times on the phone and getting a great feeling; he had a few mishaps on his end with the delivery he had prior to ours, but despite the setbacks he was in contact with us letting us know of any delays that might occur. Not only was he great, but he has towed several trailers for tiny housers as well as moved fully-built THOWs across the country. We will definitely be hiring him again once our house is built — he goes all over the country and charges a very fair price, so I recommend you do the same for any large delivery needs you may have!

(part of) Our little family with our new home!
Hidden Valley Lake
Miss Ani playing fetch
She must carry the stick all the way home!
View from our nightly walks with Ani

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