Peru Day 1: Lima Walking Tour

Tish and I landed in Lima at 6 a.m. and met Tonya (who had landed at midnight) in the airport. We took a taxi to our hotel where we attempted to recover from 24 hrs of no sleep. Lots of coffee and a little breakfast were consumed, we took a shower to get rejuvenated and then headed out to meet our tour guide for the Free Walking Tour.

A little tired, but so happy to be in Peru!

Our guides took us to a local brewery and let us taste one of their new beers — craft beer is just getting popular in Lima which is an exciting thing! Then we jumped on a super crowded bus to the downtown district where we would “officially” begin our walking tour. We learned a lot about the city, saw a site of the terrorist bombings in 80’s, tasted fresh local coffee, ate empanadas and ice cream at a local shop and did a Pisco tasting. By the end of the 3 hour tour we were sunburned, exhausted and ready to chill….but oh so happy.

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