Peru Day 2: Lima Bites & Bikes Tour

On our second day in Lima we joined a couple from Atlanta on a biking food tour with Food Walking Tour Peru. We began our ride a block from our hotel in the Miraflores district and rode through two other districts: Barranco and Chorrillos.

In Barranco we went to Puenta de los Suspiros, a square with lots of awesome street art, restaurants and pubs. From there we rode along the shore to the fish market in Chorrillos. After a short boat ride along the coast, we came back to the fish market and had our first taste of fresh Peruvian ceviche, which was delicious! We washed it down the traditional drink: chicha morada – a sweet drink made from purple corn (not to be confused with chicha which is corn beer). Then we rode up the shore back to Barranco to have lunch at a small old local restaurant (I can’t remember the name). We had the traditional Peruvian dish “causa” which is mashed yellow potato topped with different combinations of meet and veggies. We got to try three different types: one with fried sweet potatoes, avocado and a creamy sauce, one with avocado and fried calamari, and one with chicken salad. All three were spectacular! After this we walked a few doors down to the Barranco Beer Company where we each got a small tasting of their local brews. Finally we finished up the tour back in the Puenta de los Suspires where we got our dessert from a little food cart: picarones. Oh so gooooooood! Sweet potato and pumpkin “donuts” dipped in fresh local honey. TO DIE FOR! Our ride back caught a lovely sunset and we were back to the hotel before dark. If you’re ever in Lima and looking to do a food tour – ask for our guide, Jordan, he was amazing!!!

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