Peru Day 5: Mercado Central de San Pedro y Sacsayhuaman

On our last day before the trek, we wanted to take it easy but still get in as much exploring as we could. We ventured to the huge local Sunday San Pedro Market where we spent hours getting lost in all they had to offer. Much of the market was indoors, but it continued on the streets around the indoor section for blocks. There were separate sections for fresh juices and food like soup, fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, raw meat and fish, herbal medicines, dried beans and potatoes, textiles, chocolate, bread, flowers….even a whole street dedicated to guinea pigs! We loved walking through the market and were jealous we didn’t have a market similar close to our homes.

After the market, Tonya and I walked up the Sacsayhuaman site which was only about a 20 min “hike” up the road from our hotel. We had a blast wandering around and making up stories about the architecture (since we didn’t have a guide to tell us what was really going on). The site was beautiful, and huge!, it had a cave tunnel, what looked like a big arena and lots of impressive stone work….and even natural rock slides which we got to play on! After our exploration, we met Tish back in the Plaza and grabbed something to eat, then headed back to the hotel to get organized and packed for our trek the next morning!

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