Portland Tiny House Workshop

Last week we drove up to Portland for another TinyHouseBuild.com workshop. We decided to make the most of the trip (and break up the drive) by stopping to camp for a night along the way. Tish found this great campground — Union Creek Campground on the Rogue River –and got us a spot right on the river. It was such a beautiful site and we had noone camping around us! We got to the campground around 4pm on Wednesday and got right to setting up camp. While Tish ran to get firewood, Ani and I stayed at the site and set up the tent, then we all settled in around the fire and had dinner and s’mores. Tish found us a few trails nearby that we could do the following day, and after a few hours of enjoying the fire we went to sleep. The following day we took Ani on a nice, easy four mile  “hike” (walked down a dirt road) and then came back to camp for breakfast. After cleaning up dishes, we tried not one but three of the trails on the map provided by the campground and ran into dead ends on each. The first two ended about 500 ft down the trail because they didn’t maintain it, the third was only 3/4 mile long on a paved trail (even though the map said it was just under 4 miles long). With the hiking a bust, we decided to pack up camp and drive the rest of the way to Portland.









Waking up in Portland was lovely, we took Ani out on a big walk and then planned to run around to a few places before going to the workshop social. Unfortunately, Ani had other plans and got really upset when we left. Apparently in her golden years she gets confused easier and didn’t like being in the hotel without us. We nixed the social (we stopped by to say hi for 15 min), and Tish spent half of the workshop at the hotel with our pup. It ended up all working out just fine, I have been spearheading the build and I got a lot out of the workshop, Tish got a lot of work done in the hotel and Ani was happy to be somewhere new (as long as we were close by of course!). We did manage to go to the ReBuilding Center on Friday before we realized Ani was unhappy . The ReBuilding Center is amazing!!!!! We are pretty sure we will be getting our front door and kitchen sink there, and possibly some light fixtures as well. Such an awesome place to check out for anyone looking to remodel or build a house. We also were able to share wonderful conversation with Andrew and Gabriella over a delicious dinner at the Cultured Caveman. A must for any paleo eaters in the area!!!

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