The House Sold!!

…now what?!

I think we are mostly happy about it, but it sort of felt like doom and gloom around here when the news came via text last night. It kind of feels like seller’s remorse: we made the decision to sell and then sort of came to terms with the fact that it probably wouldn’t appraise and we would be holding on to the house. That then became the preferred outcome, or if not “preferred” certainly the safest and most comfortable option for us. But, now that we know the house has sold we can finally start moving forward and trust that we made the decision to sell and move in a very rational and thought out process…no matter how crazy the whole idea may feel now! The most stressful part of this whole thing has been the waiting around. The home inspection took about a week between the inspection, us getting the report, fixing the things we agreed to fix and waiting to hear back from the buyers about the things we elected not to fix. A couple days later they did the appraisal and then we had to wait another TWO WEEKS for the appraisal to come back to us. That was a total of about 3 1/2 weeks of standing still, not being able to make any big decisions or plans until we knew whether or not the house would sell. Now that we do, we have to be out in 23 days!!! (what?!) We have so many things to check off our to do list and so many logistics to plan, but we did it! We got the house sold after 3 days of being on the market and at the price we wanted. Yay!!(??)

And now I must remind myself to breathe deep as we take a step forward into the unknown.

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