Timberline Trail with Tonya!

To prep for our upcoming hike in Iceland, we decided to do the Timberline Trail in early August and invited our friend and all-time favorite adventure buddy, Tonya, to by a plane ticket out to do it with us.

The Timberline Trail is a ~40 mile thru-hike around the base of Mt. Hood, and it is amazing! The area had a heavier-than-usual snowfall this year, so much of the trail was still buried until late summer. We really lucked, by early August the wildflowers were in full bloom which made the already epic trail that much more incredible.

We spent 4 days/3 nights hiking the 40+ miles around the mountain and gained about 9,000 ft of elevation. Unfortunately I was pretty sick for the first three days of the trek so I slowed the group down significantly. I am pretty sure we would have been able to do the hike in 3 days if I were in better shape! The trail wound it’s way through gorgeous tree cover and exposed mountain side, past billions of wild flowers and countless waterfalls. We trekked across frozen snow pack, through wildfire-scorched  trees, and made over a dozen river crossings. We set up camp in three vastly different settings: lush riverside, exposed meadow, and wide open rocky riverbed. The mosquitos were so bad for the first two days that we couldn’t stop to rest for more than 5 minutes without going crazy. Tonya even wrote a poem about how much we hated the skeeters, which I hope to share soon.

It was an amazing trip, one that I hope to do again, perhaps on snowshoes ;-D

Here are some of our favorite pictures…enjoy!

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