Utility Shed is Complete

After WAAAYYYYYYY too many days of building, taking apart, and re-building the utility shed, it is finally DONE! This is most a photo dump, but I’ll give a few highlights of the build below.

I built this shed using Ana White’s detailed instructions for an exterior storage shed that she built onto a tiny house. Originally, I was going to follow her design exactly, but I realized the tankless water heater we were buying and installing in the shed had required clearances that wouldn’t fit in the original design. So I improvised and built one section of the shed frame taller than the rest of it to provide enough clearance for the water heater.

I hung the 4 framing pieces, attached a 2×4 along the bottom and a 2×2 along the top to tie them all together and give the structure more strength. I then put on the OSB sides and roof and covered it with housewrap……I came back a few days later to find the housewrap did not keep water off the roof and the OSB was ruined. I replaced the sheet of OSB on the roof and then put on the corrugated metal roof (to avoid replacing the OSB again!). With the roof on and (hopefully) water proof, I attached the bottom, put on the metal flashing underneath the shed and started putting up the siding.

We had some leftover cedar siding, so I used that and the same metal flashing for the corners. I originally wanted to use metal on the front of the shed as well, but once it was on I realized it looked terrible, so that had to go!

I did a pretty bad job on the doors, one fit well, one fit too tightly, and one was just a mess. I hired a guy to come fix them for me because I couldn’t bare to spend another full day(s) figuring out how to make them work. Luckily, he was able to use the same doors I built and just trimmed them to fit! He hung them for me yesterday, and today I went down in the pouring rain, set up a tarp “fort” and finished painting and putting on weather stripping to keep rain out of the shed. Here is the final product! I really like it, which is a relief because for awhile I thought it was going to be the death of me!

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